Meet our Associates over the years

Meet our Show dogs and Graduates of Hal Steiner's World of dogs

Hal Steiner with Duke, Graduation Day
K9 Command Dogs, 1983

Malibu Security K9 Bomb
and Anti-terrorist Team
375 Hudson St. NYC


Edie Pinkham,
Ski Patrol Avalanche SAR

Nick Pinkham, Assistant Trainer
Buddy and Bridger


Kim Goodwin,
Associate, MSU


Rangeland Noxious Weed Project Specialist, Montana State University

Mark Landsman
Agitator and personal friend

Allan Butler
Agitator and personal friend

Bob Yarnell, Sr
Kimbertal Kennels

Jack Healy
Midwestern K9
K9 Command Dogs, Harlem NY

Toni Mallardi
Rick Connors, USMC
Raphael Robless
James Hall

Ken and Cloydett Stickney
Bit 'O Luck Manchester Terriers



Inn for Pets, North
South Bronx, NY

Adventure K9 Command Dogs 
Babylon, NY

Frank Royce & Lauren Rose
Rose Royce Dobermans and Malibu Pet Hotel

Stacey Fox
Hayley Gaylord
Caroline Rothman


Red Star Kennel 
Moscow, Russia

Monks of New Skete


Lew Berk
dog trainer and author

Jay Berkowitz, DVM
Old Shore Animal Clinic


Lee Gelfand, DVM
All Creatures Veterinary Hospital

Richard Jakimer, DVM
Manor Veterinary Clinic


Hans Blabla
Alpine K9, Arizona



Billy Wolf
Professional Groomer and personal friend


Carl Marcano



Gunther Gebel-Williams
Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus


And others to numerous, to mention, thank you for your service!

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