Hal's current body guard is Omen. 11+ years old, Omen was a rescue from a bad situation. After biting 5 people, at a BBQ in WV, he was destined to be destroyed.

Martin Lieberman of Martin's K9 Formula contacted Hal with a request to save his life. Hal was about to put his 11 year old personal Shepherd to sleep and he jumped at the chance.

A blooded 10 month old puppy who was tranquilized and was very sedated arrived at Rocky Mountain Command Dogs. The next month was tedious, to say the least...

However after the bonding process, Omen was now destined to become Hal's personal dog. A dedicated guard dog, Omen even escorted a Mountain Lion off Hal's property.

After the passing of Hal's mom, Lois, Hal and Omen's situation changed and Omen was totally retrained as an off leash street dog. And is still currently on duty as a Goodwill Ambassador for RMCDI's Hal Steiner "Signature Dogs."

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