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Throughout the length of his professional career, Hal Steiner has worked with animals of many breeds; breeding/whelping, grooming, handling, care and training. As a certified, professional dog trainer, he has a proven track record in the field, with years of experience helping dogs and their owners overcome a wide range of behavior issues and developing synergistic relationships between the two.

Mr. Steiner's extensive background in dog training is a testament to his unmatched level of expertise and professionalism. Having trained numerous dogs in various disciplines, including law enforcement, scent detection, search and rescue, and personal protection, he has established himself as a highly sought-after dog trainer.

He has been featured on the screen in many Commercials, human interest stories and news interviews. Here are just a few.

Seizure Alert and Assistance Dog

Police Dog Demo


With a profound understanding of canine behavior, Hal has learned how to train dogs to respond quickly and efficiently to commands. His ability to communicate with dogs in a manner that they understand is a hallmark of his success. He utilizes humane techniques and the lost ancient art of training to achieve optimal results.

Aspen- Autism Support Dog


Hal's experience in training dogs for specialized tasks has equipped him with the knowledge and skills to work with dogs who may have unique temperaments or issues. He understands that not all dogs are the same and tailors his training methods to meet the specific needs of each individual dog.

Seizure alert dog goes to school


Mr. Steiner's success is attributed to his ability to educate people. He has a passion for teaching and takes pride in empowering handlers with the skills and knowledge necessary to train and communicate with their dogs effectively. He recognizes that the key to successful dog training is not just about the dog but also about the handler's ability to understand and communicate with their canine companion.

Elementary School Police Dog Demo

Knapweed Nightmare



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