Obedience Training Services

includes Problem Solving and Handler(s) Instuction:

All dogs and situations are unique, pricing and time contingent on evaluation.

Here is a general outline of our services:

Pet Obedience
Any breed, problem or age.

All programs include handler(s) training and support.

Problem Solving
barking, jumping, anxiety

AKC Show, Confromation and Competition
Training and handling- we can handle your show dog for you.

Scent Detection: Bombs, narcotics, technology, plant and agricultural products,
Tracking and Location Scent Detection: predator and human (SAR & Criminal)


Medical Service dogs-a pioneer in autism and seizure alert
Livestock Guardian
Theatrical Training

Protection Training Services

includes Handler(s) Instruction:

Personal Protection, Guard Dogs and Professional Law Enforcement
Your dog or we can locate a dog for you
Per Session Agitation

Custom All Breed Domestic and World Imports

European and Serbian dogs are our specialty- however we can help you locate any breed you desire. We have great connections and ask all the right questions to ensure quality.

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